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Powerful Presentations

Deliver messages that engage your audience and shift perceptions.

Course description:

Whether you’re speaking with a large audience or a small team of people, your ability to clearly communicate and influence awareness, understanding and support is critical. Our Powerful Presentations program will prepare you to deliver messages, engage the audience and shift perceptions. There will be homework, coaching in the moment and lots of conversation, engagement and feedback on your work.

Using our Powerful Presentation Toolkit, planning a presentation has never been easier. Once the plan is complete, we will show you how to engage the audience with compelling visuals and meaningful language. And finally, we’ll share our insider presentation tips before you take your masterpiece out for a test drive.

What to expect:

  • Identify and analyse your audience and their needs and expectations in ways that will connect with individuals on an emotional and logical level
  • Explore how to use the power of three and neuro-linguistics that provide insights to how the human brain thinks and how you can use it to your advantage
  • Engage the audience with compelling visuals and meaningful language
  • Explore different types of presentations ranging from the traditional to the newest kids on the block, using the same basic rules
  • Discover insider presentation tips before you take your masterpiece out for a test drive

Who should attend:

Professionals working in strategic communication, corporate communication, internal communication, external communication, corporate affairs or public relations. Those leading teams, projects, or having to influence others within the organisation.

Career Level: Generalist/Specialist, Strategic Advisor, Business Leader

Course outline:

Upon completion of this course you’ll be able to:
  • Set objectives
  • Analyse the audience
  • Understand the human brain and how it works
  • Learn to use the power of three and chunking techniques
  • Develop compelling content that tells a story and engages the audience
  • Learn the six Cs of great presentations and why they are important
  • Write with impact using active verbs and discover what words to use and not to use
  • Develop an interactive slide deck punctuated by compelling visuals
  • Discover how to be powerful, persuasive, personal and visual
  • Manage the drifting-into-other-thoughts factor when audience attention strays
  • Engage your audience through interactive conversation
  • Prepare and present with style to drive the message home
  • Gain powerful tips and tools