We ignite the courage of communication professionals to inspire and create a better society.

We enable communication professionals and communication teams to realise their full potential and embrace the extraordinary value strategic communication brings to their organisations, themselves and our profession.



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Centre For Strategic Communication Excellence

The Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence (CSCE) is a multi award-winning global leader in strategic communication management. It's your gateway to valuable knowledge, insights and expert on-demand, virtual and classroom strategic communication training.

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We share insights from global thought leaders across communication disciplines to build professional communication excellence in individuals and organisations. We can help you develop your skills so you become a master communication professional; one that is trusted, in-demand, and sought after your advice and counsel.

What People Say About Our Training

Thank you so much for taking us through the training over the last two days. It was a perfect start to my career in communications! The course was great. Sia is a wealth of knowledge and it was structured very well.

— Kelly Knight, Communication and Engagement Lead

Great training for teams ­­– especially new ones to align and reframe the business conversation and demonstrate value!

— Vanessa Barrington, Internal Communication Manager

This course changed the way I thought about communication, and delivered on its promise to give me the skills to become a confident strategic communication practitioner. When I started the course, I had been a communication practitioner for 15 years but knew I had gaps in my knowledge that I needed to fill to progress my career. What I learned not only filled those gaps but helped me to recognise and value the skills I already have, and taught me how to promote myself as a communications professional. It also gave me tools to feel confident engaging with leaders in my organisation. I have now learned to think strategically about not only work, but my career as a communication professional.

— Juliette Elfick, Media and Communications Adviser

As an emerging communication professional I found the course extremely useful not only in understanding the profession and best practise but also understanding the framework and mindset needed to be successful in business communication. Also the application of the framework to a practical real world problem was very useful to my current role.

— Matthew Boland, Marketing and Internal Communications Coordinator

Do You Want to Feel ALIVE Again?

Imagine gathering with like-minded professionals from around the world for six days of cultural immersion, healing, learning, connection and an opportunity to share your wisdom with the local business community. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

We've joined forces with health and wellness warrior Serena Parry, founder of Ayurvedic Alchemy, and one of Australia’s only Deepak Chopra certified Ayurvedic instructors, to design a luxury wellness retreat with deep nourishment, specifically for business leaders, to provide an energy reset to leave you feeling ALIVE again, and ready to shine like the super star you are.

Join us if you want to re-align, re-connect, and fully embody the person you truly are.

Our research into the state of mental wellbeing in the communication profession, highlighted the fact that almost half of communication professionals have considered leaving our profession because of their mental wellbeing. It's definitely time for us to relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

For more information: Totally ALIVE Luxury Wellbeing Retreat for Business Leaders.