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Measuring Internal Communication

Communication research and measurement are fundamental inputs and outputs to developing a communication strategy and delivering business results.

Course description:

In this one-day course, learn how to use research to inform strategy and how to measure the impact of your work returning great ROI to your organisation.

What to expect:

  • Benchmark your current state across internal and external communication
  • Explore a variety of research methodologies and determine the effect your key messages have on stakeholder awareness, understanding and behaviour
  • Analyse the information you gather and use it to inform your strategies
  • Use insights to deliver measurable results and demonstrate the impact of your work
  • Measure your effectiveness and create insight for the business including demonstrating ROI
  • Everything you wanted to know about focus groups and writing questions

Who should attend:

Internal communication, strategic communication or corporate communication professionals, public relations, public affairs practitioners.

Career Level: Generalist/specialist, strategic advisor.

Course outline:

Research as input to strategic communication planning
  • Explore best practices in research and measurement
  • Explore methodologies, internal research, leading and lagging indicators
  • Learn where to get the data and how to measure to create meaningful benchmarks
Build your measurement approach and plan
  • Analyse the data against business and audience needs
  • Explore qualitative, quantitative and observational measures
  • Segment and analyse audiences
  • Establish measurable outcome and output based objectives
Conduct an internal audit
  • Conduct an internal communication audit
  • Learn what to measure and how to measure it
Measure your effectiveness and create insight into the business
  • Turn your measures into meaningful business results
  • Demonstrate ROI
  • Create a dashboard for your executive team