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Take Charge of Change

Engage people, build key relationships and minimise the impact on business, productivity and reputation.

Course description:

This course will help you understand the context and psychology of change in a way that helps you take charge of a communication approach that engages people, builds key relationships and minimises the impact on business, productivity and reputation.

What to expect:

  • Understand the context and psychology of change and its impact on people
  • Explore the factors associated with change resistance
  • Learn practical tips, and gain access to tools, processes and models
  • Identify and engage with various stakeholder groups in a planned way
  • Understand the strategic approach to change communication
  • Understand the role of leaders and how to build their change competencies
  • Understand and measure the impact of change on the business

Who should attend:

Professionals working in strategic communication, corporate communication, internal communication, external communication, corporate affairs or public relations. Those leading teams, projects, or having to influence others within the organisation.

Career Level: Generalist/Specialist, Strategic Advisor, Business Leader

Course outline:

Module 1: Setting the context for change
  • The landscape for organisational communication
  • Change communication vs. change management
  • Building the case for good change communication practices
  • Our role in facilitating change
Module 2: The psychological journey through change
  • The impact of change on organisations and individuals
  • The change curve and the role for organisational communication
  • Understanding change resistance
  • Where communication adds the most value
Module 3: Managing our stakeholders in change
  • Defining and understanding the various stakeholders in change
  • When to engage and when not to engage with various groups
  • Developing your stakeholder management plan
  • What tactics to develop through change
Module 4: Working with leaders and others along the way
  • Working through the leader’s role in change and how we can support them
  • Exploring organisational trust
  • Building a robust change plan