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Strategic Communication Management 3: Business Leader

Demonstrate your business acumen by ensuring your communication strategy delivers on the business strategy 

Course description:

This one-day course is designed for communication professionals who currently occupy, or want to occupy senior leadership roles within organisations, and those who want to gain a better understanding of business strategy.

This course builds on senior communication knowledge and skills, providing additional development for change management, negotiation and influencing skills, advanced strategy planning, budgeting and financial management, and coaching skills.

What to expect:

  • Explore business and communication strategy 
  • Measure your strategy and apply business acumen
  • Get your stakeholders on board 
  • Put it all into practice by building your own strategy 

Who should attend:

This course will be of interest to those with a number of years of experience in the communication profession who occupy senior roles.

Career Level: Strategic Advisor, Business Leader

Course outline:

Exploring strategy
  • Understanding business strategy and how communication strategy fits
  • Navigating a strategic planning process
  • Examples of good strategy
Measuring strategy and applying business acumen
  • Research and analysis as part of the strategy process
  • Applying the right measures to your strategy
  • Budgeting and basic financial planning
  • Demonstrating ROI
Getting your stakeholders onboard
  • Explore change and stakeholder management, the lessons to learn
  • Influencing and coaching through your strategy
  • Implement, embed and monitor your strategy
Putting it all into practice
  • Explore a case study and build a strategy
  • Develop a rollout plan