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Strategic Communication Management 2: Strategic Advisor

Continue to build your value as a strategic advisor and explore how you influence the business and those around you.

Course description:

This one-day course continues to build your value as a strategic advisor as we explore how you influence the business and the people around you. Build your listening, advising and insight abilities with a number of useful tools and templates. The course covers a multidisciplinary approach to communication.

What to expect:

  • Step up your strategic approach in a changing stakeholder environment
  • Understand and develop your leadership capability
  • Build great relationships and get the best out of people
  • Step up your consulting skills
  • Influence others and build your strategic advisory skills

Who should attend:

Professionals working in strategic communication, corporate communication, internal communication, external communication, corporate affairs or public relations. Those leading teams, projects, or having to influence others within the organisation.

Career Level: Generalist/Specialist, Strategic Advisor, Business Leader

Course outline:

Stepping up your strategic approach in a changing stakeholder environment
  • Advising the business using the client relationship model
  • A new approach to strategic communication
  • State of trust and the context of relationships
  • Using audience insight to inform your strategy
Understanding and developing your leadership capability
  • Exploring your leadership profile and the profile of others you work with
  • How to continue building strong relationships and influencing others
Building great relationships and getting the best out of people
  • Emotional intelligence and the emotional competence framework
  • Coaching skills, giving and receiving feedback
  • Having tricky conversations
Stepping up your consulting skills
  • Three levels of listening
  • The power of questions
  • Taking the brief and understanding how to use this insight to inform your approach
Influencing others and building your strategic advisory skills
  • Understanding others, the various viewpoints
  • Power of influence using Egos, Logos and Pathos
  • Understand why people come to you for advice and how you build your value
  • Be seen as the strategic advisor or trusted business partner in your organisation
  • Keep people coming back and understand where you can make the biggest impact on driving the business